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Intranet working provides a low cost solution for many businesses wishing to provide services similar to those on the Internet to their own internal users. These applications include database access, home pages, file transfers and e-mail. Our Intranet experience and firewall setups will help you set up your own Intranet.

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Vastcom offers a wide range of services directed to the corporate users by providing a high-bandwidth, reliable and secure connection to the Internet. Connectivity can be provided via full or fractional T1 and ISDN lines.

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Vastcom Network Inc provide design, development, programming and hosting services in an integrated package and are prepared to handle our clients' most complex networking and information management needs...
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Vastcom Network service portfolio is best described as the following categories:

bullet Web Hosting
bullet ECommerce
bullet Email Outsourcing
bullet Domain Name Registration
bullet Database Hosting
bullet Network Consulting...

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Vastcom Network Inc. is committed to providing our customers the best service possible using the resources available in this website, and through our customer support staff of technicians...

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