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Working jointly with our sister company, Supremesoft Corporation whose expertise is in corporate database applications development, we possess in depth skills and knowledge in Internet/Intranet application development. Our development team is a group of highly regarded professionals with expertise in Visual Basic, Visual C++, ANSI C/C++. Java, CGI, Perl, HTML, ISAPI, Smalltalk, VBScript, JavaScript and other languages. Possession of multi-lingual skills allows for greater methodological flexibility in approaching a project and is an important determinative of the quality of the deliverable.

Secured electronic commerce
Web database application
Custom designed search engine
Development of Online Applications

Vastcom has strong expertise in the area of applications and database management. We are using these skills in combination with Internetworking skills to enable businesses to have a greater presence on the Internet. Databases can be used for taking customer orders, displaying inventory or even creating a virtual catalog of your products.

Intranetworking provides a low cost solution for many businesses wishing to provide services similar to those on the Internet to their own internal users. These applications include database access, home pages, file transfers and e-mail. Our Intranet experience and firewall setups will help you set up your own Intranet.



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