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To offer a complete solution, Vastcom Network provides hosting and development services for our clients' web sites:

Large and easy to use web sites design
Virtual domain and dedicated web server hosting
Web pages and web site hosting
Domain name registration
Main search engine registration
Link to other web sites
Full-motion video
Audio streams
Web statistics
Image scanning and graphic design
Animated graphics and icons

Web Pages That Sizzle!
Vastcom can help you put together your home page and create home pages that are hot! We can help you create the graphics and layout to enhance your corporate image. Home pages provide you with a means to stay in touch with your clients and create new business. We will also help you promote awareness of your home page.

Web Pages With Visibility
Having set up a home page, Vastcom will host it on one of our Internet servers so that it is accessible to the Internet community. We will also monitor the number of hits that your home page is getting and create monthly reports for you.

Virtual Domain Hosting
Vastcom will help you set up your own domain so that you will have an identity on the Internet and make it easy for people to find you. (A domain is part of a URL that belongs to you, such as ''.) Within the domain you can create web sites, e-mail addresses or other types of services.

Let Your Company Be Heard!
Introducing your company World Wide Web:

Brings new and exciting ways to communicate with the world through new advertising paradigm
Opens up new market place where traditional advertising cannot penetrate
Turns the current advertising from `push' to `pull', adding the power of information to the traditional hype-based advertising
Integrates the world of advertising with the world of technologies and global communications
Provides turnkey solutions to advertising companies and direct sales organizations

We provide different web hosting service packages to suit your business needs:


Vastcom Network Inc. is a registered web presence provider for Microsoft Frontpage Version2002
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SharePoint™ Team Services offers the members of a team the ability to collaborate and share project-related information throughout an organization or across the Internet...
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Our .Net web hosting package provides full .Net Framework support on our Windows 2000 servers. Visual Studio .Net and ASP.NET Web Matrix development tools are also supported.
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